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AIAA released a statement on passage of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021: “This vital industry is a multi-trillion-dollar enterprise that supports 2.19 million jobs nationally and many more globally. […] AIAA applauds lawmakers’ steps to support the aviation manufacturing industry, workforce, and supply chain, which has been severely weakened by the COVID-19 pandemic and will take several years to recover.”

Umbra was granted a license from the Federal Communications Commission to operate its Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite with 1,200 MHz of bandwidth, allowing them to generate images with as low as 15-centimeter (6 inch) ground sampling distance. At this resolution, Umbra’s satellites will be able to detect items as small as a soda can from space. The company becomes the first commercial satellite provider in U.S. history to receive a license enabling this level of capability from Space.

Axiom Space purchased a seat on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, and it then traded this seat with NASA in exchange for a seat in 2023 on a Commercial Crew Program spacecraft developed by SpaceX or Boeing. So, technically, NASA did not buy a seat on Soyuz’s launch next month.


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