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Spaceleaks daily: Mar 22, 2021







A Russian rocket was supposed to launch 38 satellites over the weekend but was delayed until today following technical problems. GK Launch Services, the official provider of Soyuz rocket services flying out of the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, will attempt to launch today the satellites from 18 different countries. One of the missions affected is the Japanese ELSAd, the world’s first commercial orbital debris removal mission to operate in LEO, which aims to collect rubbish, such as debris and decommissioned satellites, in an effort to clear up orbits.

Dubai Future Foundation has published a report presenting the findings of 35 projects developing technological advancements for a future Mars Settlement.The Challenge funded 35 research teams from private companies and academic institutions from countries all over the world to advance space research and develop technological solutions designed specifically for a Space Settlement on Mars.


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