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Spaceleaks daily: Mar 24, 2021






Skymet, the private weather forecaster, is giving everyone free access to its 10-year geospatial proprietary farm-level data repository through a digital platform ‘SkAlgeo’. The datasets extracted from satellite imagery every fortnight pan-India contain the Greenness Index, the Standard Precipitation Index, information related to crop health and soil moisture among others.

Russia has named next Soyuz transport after Yuri Gagarin as 60th anniversary of history flight approaches. It is also the 20th anniversary of MIR Space Station reentering Earth’s atmosphere.

The Telegraph reports that towers company Arqiva has done a deal with Elon Musk that will allow him to use Arqiva’s ground station dishes to extend Starlink satellite broadband service across the UK. Arqiva has large ground station dishes spread across southern parts of the UK which can connect broadband satellites to fiber networks.

Elon Musk says SpaceX will be landing rockets on Mars ‘well before 2030’ (he didn’t say humans this time). He also said that European rocket efforts are “aiming too low”, claiming that only “rockets that are fully & rapidly reusable” are going to be competitive.


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